Star rating

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Using this blog post I want to introduce and try myself as an author. To make this meeting more productive, I'm going to write about an instrument to rate something. We have a commonly used visual element such as "stars" in the Internet: For example: We also have a new trend - rate instruments of 3rd party services such as Facebook and Vkontakte "Likes", that allow to rate the blog post only in the positive way. We will talk about them another time, think if that trend is good or bad. Now I'm going to show a few implementations of traditional stars.

Hello World

Even though this blog post isn't related to any special subject, it's still important because it's a starting point for our blog. Here we will share our thoughts, knowledge and experience. We will write about interesting things that we used or still use in our work. Hope this first blog post will motive the creators of this site, and they will fill the site with meaningful content. The first blog post is written and our site has a great chance to live and be improved. The only thing I can add now is